The descendants of Henry Kilday have been well represented in our Country's wars (To list is to omit; therefore, any additions to this list will be appreciated) Red indicates died while serving in a war.
 Complied by Joe Kilday

 War of 1812
 Henry Kilday - 24th Infantry Regiment - Military Records

 David Kilday – U S Army- Co H 4th Tennessee Infantry

 Civil War
 Elijah Kilday - Greene County Birdge Burners  - Military Records
James A Kilday - Company H 169th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantary
John Kilday - Company B 3rd TN Mtd Infantry
Landon Carter Kilday - Company C 7th KY Infantry
Henry Reynolds - Company G 3rd AR Cavalry
William A. Reynolds - Company G 3rd AR Cavalry
Pleasant W. Reynolds - Company G 3rd AR Cavalry

 World War I
 Barton Luther Kilday
John Aloysius Kilday - Navy 
John Hubert Kilday
 Edison Earl Kilday
 Edward S. Moore
 Thomas Nathan
Tucker Melvin
Recoe Doty
Charles S. Mathes
 Barton Milburn Kilday
 Edward F. Kilday
Fredrick Nathan Walters
 Elsie Ruth Kilday (nurse)
Roy L. Russell
 Homer R. Reynolds

World War II
 Delmar Kilday
 Troy L. Kilday
Jack Harold Kilday
 Vernon Kilday
 John Hubert Kilday, Jr.
 William K. Kilday
Alonzo Kensler Kilday
William Roscoe Kilday, Jr.
Robert David Kilday
 Luther Edsel Kilday
Peter J Kilday - Army
Marrin J Kilday - Navy
 Cameron Kilday McNeese  -Navy
Chester Kyle Kilday
 William Roy McNeese, Jr. - Navy
 Lyle Willis Kilday
John Franklin Doty
 Roy Armstrong Doty
Robert Douglas Doty
Aubrey Harold Bailey
William Thomas Eldridge
 William Kilday
Harry Kilday
 Berthold Bowman Kilday
 John Robert Smith, Jr.
Thomas Guy Jackson
 Horace Edgar Kilday
Charles Palmer Doty
 Darcy Dale Doty
 Pierce B. Tyler
Dorothy McNeeseLawrence
 Rex Dreryl McNeese
 Glen William Kilday Sr

 Korean War
Billy Robert Kilday
Joseph Brian Kilday
Troy Laverne Kilday
Warren D Kilday
Dexter Claude Scott
Doyle Andrew Smith

Vietnam War
 Dennis Charles Doty
Bobby Keith Kilday
Kenneth D Kilday 
Lyman Keith Kilday
Michael Fredrick Kilday
Dennis Doyle McNeese
William Lynn McNeese - Capt 60th Assault Aviation Company
Donald Shell Jr.

Nicholas B Kilday - 82nd Airborne

Nicholas B Kilday

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